Demolition & Cleanup

Whether you need demolition, tree removal and cleanup because of storm damage or need demolition and cleanup of your property to give you a clean slate for new landscaping and/or hardscaping, the professionals at Bristoll Plantation are ready to get to work.

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We handle demolition of pools, sheds and other structures, decks, brick walkways, you name it. If it’s unsightly, damaged or just not to your taste, we can handle the demolition and removal or repurposing of all of the materials. We can also help clear sites for new construction.


We cleanup any mess left behind by our demolition crews and handle the disposal and recycling or repurposing of all materials in an environmentally responsible way. We also have experience in all kinds of storm cleanup, from debris removal to tree removal.

Tree Removal

Whether you need tree removal because it is dead tree, the tree is too big for its location, or tree removal as part of storm cleanup, the tree experts at Bristoll Plantation are here to help. After tree removal, we can do the final grading/seeding of topsoilif needed, and spread straw to help the area blend in with the rest of the landscape.

We are a full service company, and after the demolition and cleanup is done, if we uncover any problems with grading or drainage, we will take steps to correct those problems. We can also offer suggestions for landscaping and hardscaping the area.

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