Hardscape Construction

Whether stone, wood, or masonry, Bristoll Plantation offers several different kinds of Hardscape Construction services in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Deleware to build many kinds of projects for outdoor use. Oftentimes something built becomes the anchor or focal point for the rest of the landscape.

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Some types of construction are hidden, such as the installation of an irrigation system, the placement of low voltage lighting, or the underground installation of a drainage line. Remember, the majority of any construction process, including hardscape construction, is in the preparation. For example, when we build a patio, 70% of the cost is associated with base preparation, drainage issues, and slope. Take comfort in the fact that we prepare an excellent foundation, so the money you spend now will prevent future headaches.
Bristoll Plantation offers many different kinds of hardscape construction services.

Bristoll Plantation offers Hardscape Construction Services in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Deleware.

What We offer:

Outdoor Kitchens

Paver Walkways

Retaining Walls

Paver Patios

Paver Driveways

Ponds/Pondless Waterfalls

Landscape Lighting

Overhead Landscape Structures

Water Irrigation systems

Note: For projects requiring deck construction and irrigation, Bristoll Plantation uses hardscape contractors we have a long-standing relationship with who show the same level of commitment to quality we do.

Hardscapes | Outdoor Kitchens | Paver Walkways | Retaining Walls | Patio Pavers | Paver Driveways
Ponds / Pondless Waterfalls | Outdoor Lighting | Overhead Structures | Irrigation Systems

Bristoll Plantation, located in Cecil County MD, next to Northeast and Rising Sun Maryland, can install your patio pavers, brick patios, and Stone patios in
Cecil County, Harford County, Delaware and Pennsylvania

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